2017 Advertising - Marketing - Web01-26-17 Downtown & Cannabliss02-16-17 Rainy Day Tour02-22-17 Coffee Dry Run03-16-17 Kells, Vessel Dispensary, Piedmont Food Carts03-17-17 St Pots03-18-17 Sticky Fingers03-20-17 Elbe's Edibles & Grass dry run03-23-17 Dispensary Tour - Kings of Canna, Attis, & Satchel03-26-17 The Green Mile03-30-17 Dispensary Tour03-31-17 Friday Tour - Multnomah04-06-17 North Portland  Dispensary Tour04-06-17 Sticky Fingers Macro04-08-17 Good Bus Pics - Daburday04-12-17 Sticky Fingers Harvest04-13-17 Macro Nugs & Cova Coffee & Head Shops04-14-17 Multnomah Tour - Sunny04-19-17 Roger - Coffee, Labrewatory, & elbe's04-20-17 Wake & Bake and 4:20 Tour!04-21-17 Sunny Day at Multnomah04-22-17 Promo Sticky Fingers Organics - Bong Babes - Waterfront04-23-17 Green Miles - Milwaukee05-11-17 Sera & Electric Lettuce & Claywolf Extracts05-12-17 Friday BluAro & Promo05-17-17 Brewvana with High 505-18-17 10 Dispensaries - West Side with Beaverton and Tigard05-19-17 CannaPDX - Labrewatory - Serra - Bachelorette05-28-17 Tour with Bert08-01-17 Tour with Bert IISterling QuinnEva SativvaBlue ArrowSamantha SadisticKushClouds