How many weddings have you shot?

July 23, 2012  •  1 Comment

Since I've been photographing weddings and events for over 10 years, the "how many weddings have you shot?" is a common question.  I always wonder what the magic number is, but since a bulk of my wedding photography came in the high volume Vegas scene, it's hard to keep track.  Very similar to how Ron Jeremy must feel when he's trying to think of all the names and faces of his on-screen female partners.  In any event, somewhere around a thousand weddings seems to be a good number to settle on.  I'm not sure what Ron's tally is up to, probably a good google question for those who are curious...

Being a part of so many weddings has allowed me to travel to all corners of North America.  With an upcoming wedding this September in Panama City Florida, the traveling continues!

That means it's time for some words honoring the the cool places I've been lucky enough to see thanks to weddings and my camera...

We'll start with my first ever wedding and where the magic all started... The year was 1999 and the setting was upstate New York.  My mom married Tom the "Snowman" Cahill on a beautiful afternoon...  The weather, atmosphere and lighting were pefect.  Unfortunately the pics weren't that great.  Sorry Mom, it was my first wedding : o )

From there let's take it to Brooklyn and Long Island where at least one trip to Yankee Stadium has been made while in town for a NY wedding...  Unfortunately a trip to Shea has been made as well.  

Now up North to Hartford and Whaler Country...  Yes, there is still a Whalers store in Hartford Connecticut.  While in New Hampshire for a seaside affair, I couldn't help but cross over the stateline to visit Maine!  How many people can ever say they've been to Maine? I can, literally for a minute!

Still on the east coast but a little down south, Washington D.C. , Wilmington North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia have all been part of the wedding madness... If i remember correctly I'm pretty sure the wedding in ATL was on or off of a Peach street!

Springfield Mizz, Kansas City and the great Midwest are next on the map...  Get me to the Ozarks! 

Continuing west we head to the desert for an extended stay on the Vegas strip with a stint in Boulder City, Summerlin, Hendertucky and don't forget about the biggest little city up north in Reno...  The Vegas Valley is where the craft was mastered...

Now that we're close to the west coast and California, cross Canyon Crest, San Diego and Coronado Island off the list.  I don't think I'm ever invited back to Coronado, so let's get to the much cooler island of Maui, where I wish I was invited back.  Please e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions about the Coronado Island incident.

From the South Pacific, we'll head up North to the last frontier...  Alaska...  Amazing wedding to be a part of, unfortunately we missed the salmon run :o (

And then to Vancouver BC...  Canada?  The sweet scent of rose and cucumber flavored the air as the Endless Wedding of the Century forever united Madame Rosa Damascena and Mr. Cucumbis Sativus.  What that means is have some Gin!

That leaves us closer to home in the Northwest and Portlandia.  Props to Hillsboro, Oregon for being my first wedding event in the PDX area!

There it is, an ode to my wedding travel...  in no particular order.  Almost like the last track of my wedding CD: o )

Cheers to future destinations, great events and my camera always working!





You sure get around :) Sounds like you know how to have a good time too! Oh and to answer your RJ question "Ron Jeremy estimates having had sexual relations with 4000 - 5000 women"! gross!
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